“What is the dress code?”
“This is a semi-formal event.”

“I am a son’s primary caregiver but not the mother. Can I still attend?”

“What age sons may attend?”
“Sons from kindergarten through 8th grade, with an accompanying guardian, may attend.”

“I have multiple sons. Can they all come?”

“Where do I park?”
“The Maxx parking lot will be coned off. Shuttle service will be provided from the East Street School parking lot. Parking is also available in town. No shuttle service will be provided from town.”

“How do I purchase a ticket?”
“Tickets may be purchased for $20 by calling the Youth Agency at 860.210.2030. Tickets are not available at the door”

“How do I pay for and receive my ticket?”
“Tickets must be paid for with cash or a check. Tickets are purchased and received at the Youth Agency’s main office at 2 Pickett District Road.”

“What kinds of food and drinks will be available?”
“A full menu is available to view . Note: This is NOT a peanut-free establishment.”